NFT : How brands will scrutenise the rage for brand engagement

Abhishek Pitti
3 min readNov 15, 2021

The more devoted your consumers are, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of providing them a little something extra in return. As soon as they witness it being handed out to everyone, it becomes a normal part of their lives. NFTs offer that exclusivity.

NFTs deliver the path to establish a brands value beyond the name and a display image for today’s generation that values its online identity. In the coming years, this Non-fungible Token will display the actual brands we love, the leading causes we care about, the movies we prefer and even the products we are proud to own in this real world.

NFTs are paving the way for brands to establish identity in an immersive manner.

Establishing the Brand Identity:

During the preceding decade, a brand’s social media presence was critical in establishing its own identity. NFTs will also play a role in this during the next decade. Using NFTs to communicate their identity, tell their storey, and exhibit their social values, brands will experiment with new forms of communication. The businesses will provide, sell, and reward their fans, connoisseurs, and followers with these non-traditional toys (NFT).

You’ve probably noticed what McDonald’s has been up to lately.

To raise money for the Special Olympics, Coca-Cola offered unique digital NFT artwork to enthusiasts and donated the revenues. Digital 3D versions of Mattel’s Hot Wheels were offered for sale as part of a marketing. There have been a number of Marvel NFTs from Disney. And this is just the beginning.

NFTs will blur the borders between consumer and investor by allowing customers to own a piece of a brand’s legacy, which they can use to unlock unique perks and maybe resell at a profit in the future. Consider this: if a customer has invested in your brand’s NFT, how likely are they to acquire items or services from a competitor? What’s that say about brand loyalty?

Driving Band Engagement:

With NFT, businesses exhibit that they use the newest technology to develop direct consumer interactions, collect first-party insights, and meet the expectations of loyalty.

Experience and customisation may be delivered in new ways using NFTs. NFTs are a one-of-a-kind asset that can only be traded directly between a corporation and a single customer.

For corporations, there is a chance to manufacture NFTs and give them away in immersive and viral events such as sweepstakes. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses with a following to gain valuable first-party data from the people who participate in these events.

Driving Customer Experience :

NFTs will be offered in exchange for user feedback. Customer experience may find a new avenue for receiving benefits in the form of an NFT instead of discount coupons which obviously isn’t enough for long-term customers who would want to inherit a personalised element of their brand.

In real estate, NFT services would be beneficial not just for virtual real estate, but also for the actual market. At the moment, real estate service ecosystem is overrun by bureaucracy and a variety of middlemen, ranging from realtors to legal professionals. The shift to smart contracts may be able to resolve the issues associated with stacking intermediaries. For the purpose of streamlining sales procedures, blockchain technology can store the whole history of ownership and rights.

An event niche may benefit from tokenizing sports or concert tickets. There will be no more profiteering around the performance halls since NFT validated tickets can’t be resold.

NFTs offer a special opportunity for repurposing historical materials for legacy brands.

Small private enterprises and large public corporations alike can benefit from NFTs if the brand’s marketing plan includes enticing incentives for consumers who hold NFTs.

All of these are solid beginning points for successfully incorporating NFTs into marketing efforts and maintaining existing loyal clients while obtaining new ones. With proper strategy and execution, brands will enjoy long-term success via the deployment of NFTs.