An intro to effective marketing practices in the world of the blockchain industry

Abhishek Pitti
8 min readDec 23, 2021

Marketing has advanced significantly in recent years, particularly in the age of the web, social media, and mobile devices, where customers are continually solicited on advertising messages while losing effectiveness in the process. Today, we don’t communicate as we used to, or should I say that we shouldn’t communicate as we used to in the field of directional messaging from brands to customers solely.

Communication is now not only interdependent, between brands and consumers, but also multidirectional, as we communicate with each other through social media and forums, for example, concerning blockchain, as you know, it’s a new technology. Blockchain technology is basically a digital log of transactions that are duplicated and distributed across the blockchain’s complete network of computer systems.

Recently, blockchain marketing has progressed beyond the traditional technique of having a website, white paper, and pitch deck available on Telegram channels with an aggressive marketing approach. Today, we will require and attempt to go beyond what has previously worked, particularly during the ICO mania, an important stage where marketing truly evolved and began to fascinate blockchain enterprises.

Blockchain gives some power back to consumers that was previously in the hands of social media platforms and other companies that collect consumer data. We can choose to opt in to view ads in exchange for digital currency or tokens. In other words, consumers will be directly compensated for viewing ads, and presumably for giving up their data as well.

Reliable Marketing :

Blockchain can create transparency surrounding where products were sourced or manufactured. “For instance,” Martin explained, “if the product was really organic or if the farmer in the supply chain was paid fairly.” It becomes much more straightforward to audit supply chains, and consumers can be more confident that product labels are accurate.

Eliminating Middlemen :

The most major benefit of blockchain is that it eliminates the middleman. This means that ads will be less expensive and more accurate without the use of third parties. Marketers may then target the proper audience and customers without having to spend more money.

Fake ad clicks and bot views are also less likely with blockchain. Blockchain can verify that the ad was seen by a genuine person, which is a significant improvement over the constraints of traditional web marketing. And because blockchain confirms and analyses the customer’s journey through verified ad delivery, you can be sure that your ad is being seen by a genuine person.

Marketers will profit from a greatly improved digital advertising platform as a result of its efficiency and trustworthiness.

Don’t reject the analytics:

When it comes to marketing plans, firms frequently overlook the Marketing Analytics reports believing that they can’t go wrong by, say, posting a sponsored piece on news portals or displaying banner advertisements.

This is frequently a mistake, because without a comprehensive marketing plan and a well-defined strategy that satisfies one or more particular objectives, this communications operation might be poorly adapted and, more importantly, badly optimised. As a result, we will provide a brief refresher on the fundamentals of marketing, specifically the marketing plan, which serves as a solid foundation for a successful communication effort. Obviously, many marketing firms provide this type of service. And it can be useful when done by actual specialists, especially if you don’t have the budget or the time to do it yourself.

Even as new technology is added into the marketing mix of customers’ daily lives, fundamental principles remain when building your brand’s marketing plan.

Blockchain technology can help to improve data quality and facilitate data access by establishing immutable and shareable data records. In terms of customer connections, blockchain technology has the ability to significantly revolutionize them by increasing data and information openness while also boosting privacy and security. It also allows for new types of consumer loyalty programs to be developed, which may help to provide value. In the sections following, we’ll go through each of these aspects in further depth.

When we combine the above elements with synergy, we can significantly improve the output.

Who will benefit from you?

The way you bet your marketing plan together will be determined by your project and your ability to properly identify your value offer on the target market. Because it is critical to identify your target market in which your marketing efforts will have the greatest return on investment, it is crucial to properly define your key targets.

The goal is not to categorise everyone who could be interested in your product. But defining the two or three targets who are most likely to buy your product or who have the most potential there for the target hurts will allow you to develop as rapidly as possible.

Who exactly are they? Who are your intended audience? Which age group is it? Which social and professional groups do you belong to? What is their nationality, and what languages do they speak? What kinds of tests and habits are there? What should I say on the internet? What are their needs in terms of difficulties that you will address and answer? What could be the impediments to getting your product to market? Of course, exam questions can be tailored to your industry. In our scenario, we can include the following query. Do they have any knowledge of the blockchain cryptocurrency?

If so, what do they do with it? Is that a more speculative development here for the technology to support the goal of liberty? Which programme, wallet, major, exchange platform, and so on do they use? It is not required, and some of you will tell me that you have no intention of communicating with the crypto enthusiast targets.

To put it another way, what is your competitive advantage? Why do you make this film, this product, this method of seeing, or this way of being that distinguishes you? Simply put, you can have the best marketing in the world. But if the product is poor, you won’t be able to manufacture it, and you won’t be able to perform a miracle.

Unfortunately, the inverse is not always true; you can have the best product in the world. However, if no one knows about it or if the pricing is not properly suited to market demand, you will be mistaken. To defend our position in it, we shall pose some new questions to ourselves. It will be quite significant.

Getting an edge over your competition:

What are your main competitors doing? What are the scope of their initiatives and solutions? Are they selling goods or services? What are their objectives? What are the costs? If you haven’t done so already?

An in-depth research of the competition or competitive intelligence is always pertinent to the next question: what is your additional value, your competitive advantage? It can be your team’s experience, a breakthrough technology, or a new market problem. Your appealing prices, or, on the contrary, the great quality of your services, which justifies your expensive price.

Businesses should increase their productivity and operational efficiency to complete more work in less time in order to acquire a competitive advantage in the market. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for performance-driven automation has grown even more. Because businesses are working with limited resources, automation is the only way for them to succeed online and achieve a competitive advantage.

Companies may automate a variety of processes with blockchain implementation, including payment, document verification, data management, and more. Companies can save resources by not having to undertake manual work because many activities can self-validate their databases. This distributed ledger-based technology is far more precise than manual verification.

Trust has an important part in achieving a competitive advantage in the market, as it can attract a large number of new customers and enterprises. Blockchain is a very transparent technology that makes the organisation more comfortable when compared to old operations.

Customers’ trust is increased when they are aware of how organisations secure and process their data utilising cutting-edge technology.

Community Engagement:

Transparency in blockchain is quite important when it comes to marketing, but it is also important for community driving if you can engage. First and foremost, if you can build a trading community around your projects, involve people in decision-making through product testing. This is the best thing to do in the blockchain industry.

So, by focusing your communication, you can typically reach many more people for a lot lesser marketing expense. Mixed, it’s critical to include technical and educational content, as well as extremely affirming blockchain protocols, or the integration of the technology into your company’s process may appear simple to you, but not to everyone.

And don’t forget that in our field it’s critical to give instructional material so that everyone understands how it works without resorting to expert jargon.

All of this said, marketing always is an evolving process and everything does not work, but what’s even more important is to know what works for you and then where we should keep building our growth.

All of this is to say that marketing is always a changing process, and not everything works, but what is more essential is to know what works for you, and then where we should continue to build our growth.

Adopt good practices:

A good marketing strategy involves at least the following elements: the defining of your objectives, the identification of your target audience based on your persona, the determination of your product positioning, so that it will be the price to benefit design to analyse design. Choose the best communication tools. Among a variety of tools, it might be TV, a banner, print, online press articles, social networks, influencers, and so on. Following that, select the appropriate distribution channels. For example, if you select the major side, you will need to select one, two, or three major media focuses to expedite your communication strategy. Following that, it will be necessary to develop the entire campaign. The final step will be to define your KPI, or key performance indicators, on muse. So, to begin with the first step, establish your goals. As a result, a marketing strategy must address corporate objectives. That is an absolute essential. Your company may have one or more of the following goals for the future year.

Your target could be greater turnover and sales, or it could be enhanced awareness of the brand or your newly established services. It can be building loyalty, loyalty, customer segments, increasing income by types of clientele, improving the perception of a certain market segment towards your products or brands, you’ve got plenty of objectives that need to be defined first, obviously will not use the same approach or budgets depending on the objectives. As a result, communication methods must be generated from a strategy focused at attaining business objectives.

For example, whether you decide to bet on Facebook, corporate, or a brochure for the second half of your marketing strategy, determine your target audience based on your buyer personas. “Who are your average customers?” I often ask myself.

We are on the edge of something monumental:

Many corporations, startups, and tech companies are putting their time and money into the blockchain field.

When so much effort is put into emerging technology, it’s clear that we’re on the edge of something monumental, just as computers and the internet were at the time.

True, blockchain technology is still in its early stages of development. And, like with any new technology, it will face a number of challenges as it develops. There is no disputing, however, that the technology has immense potential.

As more businesses recognize the potential of blockchain, numerous industries are taking the benefits of blockchain more seriously.